Daytona Pure
Non Cross Linked Hyaluronic Acid Gel
One Applicator Syringe per Box. One Box = One Treatment.

Daytona Pure
Daytona Pure
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Daytona Pure Before and After Photos Daytona® Pure has a single purpose - to restore youthfulness to skin by re-growing your own natural collagen. Daytona® Pure consists of non-cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid in a Gel that is quickly absorbed into the skin, and restores a more youthful appearance that time and exposure to elements have taken from your skin.

Over the years, skin can dry out as its natural levels of hyaluronic acid diminish due to aging. You take every effort to remain as beautiful as you feel, but creams and treatments are not enough.

Daytona® Pure improves your skin's hydration, elasticity and tone, but more importantly it promotes the growth of your own natural collagen. It is the collagen that gives the skin its firmness, but it is the hyaluronic acid that nourishes and feeds the collagen. Daytona® Pure supplements the intercellular matrix and the intradermal tissue in order to restore lost skin structure, for a firm and healthy look, to give you the refreshed appearance you desire.


Daytona® Pure is intended for professional use as a topical nutritive essential serum. For best results, use Daytona® Pure with microneedling at 1.5mm. The idea is to go through the epidermis, past the dermal/epidermal junction, and into the dermis (usually at a depth of 1.0 to 1.5mm on the face) which is where Daytona Pure needs to be to get the best results. Afterwards, massage treated area to smooth the product in the skin.

It takes about 2 months to regrow your natural collagen. 4 treatments at an interval of once every 3 weeks is recommended to put a heavy dose of hyaluronic acid in the skin in order achieve the initial desired result. One treatment will not give a desired result. A course of treatments is required.

Daytona Pure will persist in the skin for about 2 months. So starting 2 months after the initial treatment regimen ... a single Maintenance Treatment is necessary to keep the initial results ... then once every 2 months, apply a single maintenance treatment on an ongoing basis, to refresh the matrix of hyaluronic acid and to keep the results from the initial treatment.
Typical treatment areas are the face, neck, backs of hands, and décolletage. Treatment time is 15-30 minutes. One applicator syringe of Daytona® Pure is enough to treat the face and back of hands. A second applicator syringe is necessary to treat the neck and décolletage.

An anesthetic cream can be used beforehand to ensure the most comfortable treatment. Daytona® Ek anti-ecchymotic (anti-bruising) is recommended to mitigate redness after microneedling.


Try alternating treatments ... Daytona Pure one time, then Daytona SR8 the next time ... Pure, SR8, Pure, SR8, etc. ... These are two totally different serums with totally different results. Don't use them together at the same time, but when you alternate them over a course of treatments, Daytona Pure and Daytona SR8 have been proven to act synergistically, meaning that one increases the effect of the other, and together they provide a result that is superior to either serum individually.


Daytona® Pure is made with the safest, highest quality genuine injection-grade hyaluronic acid, produced from industry-standard bacterial fermentation, and without the use of any animal derived materials.

● 1.0 ml volume syringe applicator
● Non cross linked Hyaluronic Acid
● HA concentration 15 mg/ml
● 2 year shelf life
● Room temperature storage


(1) Syringe Applicator (1.0 ml) with Hyaluronic Acid concentration of 15 mg/ml


Daytona Pure is a sterile gel and contains no preservatives. Use the entire applicator syringe after opening.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Consult your doctor or esthetician for a treatment plan tailored for you.