Daytona DMP-T12
12-Needle Cartridge Tips for Daytona DMP Microneedling Pen
Sold in 5-Packs ... 5 cartridge tips per package.

12-Needle<br>Cartridge Tips
Cartridge Tips
Item# DMP-T12
List Price: $250.00
Wholesale Price: $75.00

Daytona DMP-T12
12-Needle Cartridge Tips for Daytona DMP Microneedling Pen.

Cartridge tips are sterilized and packaged individually in a sterile, sealed wrapper.
Cartridge Tips are sold in 5-Packs ... 5 Cartridges Tips per package.

Wholesale Price per tip is $15 each x 5 tips = $75 for a package of 5 tips.


Daytona® MicroNeedling Cartridge Tips are available in 1-Needle, 3-Needle, 12-Needle, and 36-Needle sizes. All are sterilized and individually packaged, with highly sharpened surgical stainless-steel needles that vertically pierce the skin to induce collagen production with minimal damage to the protective layer of the skin. Problems such as roughness, scarring, wrinkles, and stretch marks can be treated with microneedling.

12-Needle and 36-Needle Cartridge Tips are the most popular sizes.

1-Needle and 3-Needle Cartridge Tips are most commonly used for microneedling cellulite, stretch marks and scars ... especially for deep pits of acne scarring … and they are perfect for microneedling glabella lines ... those stubborn little vertical lines between the eyebrows.


When treating a patient for acne scarring, we suggest you start with a 12-Needle or 36-Needle Cartridge Tip, then switch to a 1-Needle or 3-Needle Cartridge Tip to get into those stubborn deep scarring pits that can't be reached with a 12-Needle or 36-Needle Cartridge Tip. It will take a bit more time, and you must charge your patient for the second Tip, but the results will be worth it.

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Consult your doctor or esthetician for a treatment plan tailored for you.